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Monday, May 21, 2012

Ice Bra

Haha I just came across a new kind of bra that kind of made me laugh. In Japan due to the extremely hot and humid summers and because they are trying to save energy, Triumph has invented the "ice bra". The cups are filled with a gel that remains soft and supple even when frozen, giving the wearer a cool sensation. The bra features a pair of small fish tanks encompassing the breasts, a traditional Japanese wind chime and a mint leaf. The models are also wearing skirts made of mosquito nets and bamboo shades! What do you think? If you lived in a hot and humid place, would you consider it?

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Spring shopping

So I did  a little more shopping today :D I actually set out to buy a Mother's Day present for my mom (which I actually did, I bought a white and brown bag for her) but of course I couldn't resist buying a couple of things for myself :p So what do you guys think?

Bag: €16,95 (Six)

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